The Pros And Cons Of Anabolic Steroid Usage

Anabolic steroids come equipped with pros and cons. You should know what some of them are. Here are the top pros and cons to using steroids.

The Pros
Anabolic steroids helps people gain muscle weight. Many skinny men have gone from being very thin to very muscular within a very short period of time. Muscle gains of up to 20 pounds in four weeks is very common. However, a lot of people have gained far more weight than that.

Going from not being able to bench a lot to being able to bench a lot is possible with steroids. A lot of people have taken HGH For Sale steroids to build strength. If you’re like many, then you wish you can bench more, curl more, shoulder press more and so forth. Steroids can help with that.

The substance can help you get ripped and burn fat more efficiently. A lot of bodybuilders turn to Winnie-V and other steroids to help them get ripped.

In short, the pros of taking roids include:

. Gain muscle
. Strength gains
. Get ripped/burn fat

The Cons
An anabolic steroid has to be injected, but there are a few that are oral based. Most of the time people have to inject it and it can be painful. In fact, they can be so painful that users stop doing them or they have another person to inject them.

The drugs can cause acne outbreaks, heart problems, blood pressure issues and hair loss to name a few. There are many other health issues steroids can cause. If you don’t want to suffer side effects, then stay away from Somatropin roids.

Steroids are illegal. If you’re caught with them by law enforcement and you don’t have a prescription for them, then you are going to be in trouble. If you’re concerned about getting in trouble, then your best bet is to not take steroids.

In short, the top three cons of steroid usage include:

. Injections
. Horrible side effects
. Illegal

Should You Use Steroids
No, you shouldn’t. They are harmful and there’s plenty of legal supplements you can take. They are designed to be safer than the real thing.